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Parakeet Toys

Parakeets love to play with toys!  Not only are they entertaining for your bird, they also give them both physical and mental exercise.  There should be at least one toy in your budgie’s home at all times, especially if you are gone most of the day.  When no one is around to talk with, they [...]

Food for Parakeets

Nutrition is a very important part of your budgie’s health. A variety of parakeet food is always good – a healthy parakeet diet should consist of a good seed mixture, pellets, fruit, and veggies.  Perri has been eating a regular seed mixture for a while now and I’m sure he is tired of it.  So [...]

Parakeets and Baths

For the past few days Perri has been scratching a lot.  I know it’s probably because some new feathers are coming in and those can be itchy!  I’ve been meaning to give him a bath, but have been so busy lately that I totally forgot!  Well, I guess he was tired of waiting for me [...]

Parakeet Cage – Home Sweet Home

I have a beautiful male, green-colored parakeet named Perri.  He is a healthy, happy little bird and likes to talk a lot!  He loves his house (I don’t like to call it a cage) and is very comfortable in there. Your parakeet’s home should be large enough to move around comfortably, with narrow gaps between [...]