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Parakeet Nutrition and Exercise

I have previously written about parakeet food, but I thought I would go a little more in depth. Most people seem to think that parakeets only eat seed. This is not true! In fact, for your budgie to have proper nutrition, you should provide seed along with a variety of other foods. A healthy diet, [...]

Parakeets and Mirrors

Parakeets love mirrors, plain and simple.  It gives them someone to talk to, someone that looks and sounds just like them.  In my honest opinion, I think it is unhealthy for parakeets to have mirrors in their home.  Once you put that mirror in, your budgie will become addicted to it and will never want [...]

Parakeets and Sounds

Parakeets are very social animals and are used to living in lively flocks.  If you are gone most of the day, your budgie might start to feel pretty lonely with no one to talk to.  Leave the radio on, put a CD on repeat, leave the TV on low.  These are just some ideas to [...]