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Parakeets and Baths

Parakeet after taking a bath

Perri after taking a bath

For the past few days Perri has been scratching a lot.  I know it’s probably because some new feathers are coming in and those can be itchy!  I’ve been meaning to give him a bath, but have been so busy lately that I totally forgot!  Well, I guess he was tired of waiting for me because when I went to go take a break and talk to him, I found him drenched from head to toe!  Apparently, he decided to take a bath in his water bowl!  He must have been desperate because that is a pretty small bathtub and I’m sure the water was a little too cold for his liking!  So now the water bowl was tinted a light green color, seeds on the bottom and feathers floating on top.  Nice.

I felt bad for ignorning him, so I went and made him a bath.  I use one of those heavy duty plastic plates… big enough for him to bathe in and not too deep, but not too shallow.  I filled my parakeet bath with lukewarm water… you don’t want to burn your parakeet, but you don’t want him to freeze either!  I put it on the floor with a towel underneath right next to his house.  He really likes to play with the whiffle balls (especially in water), so I put one of those in his bath as well.  He picks it up, soaking wet, and shakes it and makes a big mess, but he has fun!

But, he never came to his bath.  He just sat in his house, cleaning his feathers.  He even came out one time, looked at his bath, then looked at me, and went right back inside to sit on his perch and glare at me.  Either he really didn’t want more bath time, or he was trying to make a point!

Needless to say, I will not ignore him again when I know he wants a bath.

6 Responses to “Parakeets and Baths”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Perri is funny. I would glare if you forgot about me too. XD

  2. sarah Says:

    My parakeets love to bath. I bought a cheap but strong plastic plate just for that purpose in a nice soft orange color, orange is one of my Keets favorite colors, I put a plain shaving mirror in the bottom of it and add luke warm water. I will put a toy in sometimes to encourage a bath especially in hot weather. I have used the whiffle ball like you did in the past. I also like to put in the colorful plastic caps from milk containers (they come in yellow, blue, red, etc.) cleaned with no labels on them in the bath as well my birds peak at them & have even kind of ridden them as surf boards, which was a sight to see. The caps work as snack dishes when the are outside of their cage. I have even made i swinging toy from them where I drilled a hole into them pit a piece of cotton string through it & attached it to the top of the cage so that it hangs down beak level to be peaked at.

  3. Brankica Says:

    Ha ha, I guess you really blew it this time. You will have to buy him the best food available for a year and maybe he will forgive ;)
    He is so cute!
    Do you spray him with water from time to time or you always let him take long bubble baths?

  4. Cathey Carney Says:

    In the summer it gets REALLY hot in Alabama, and my parakeet
    Tweetie likes to stay on our back porch in his cage. When I water flowers I usually spray him and the cage and he loves it.

  5. Perri's Mom Says:

    Brankica, yes I think he forgave me, haha! I sprayed him with water sometimes but I think he likes baths much better. Now, when I washing dishes at the kitchen sink, he likes to come and land on my arm and walk down into the spray of water.. so now I think he likes showers best! :)

  6. Perri's Mom Says:

    Sarah, what a great idea those milk caps are!! I bet my parakeet would love those, thanks for posting!

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