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Parakeet Cage – Home Sweet Home

parakeet cage

Perri's home

I have a beautiful male, green-colored parakeet named Perri.  He is a healthy, happy little bird and likes to talk a lot!  He loves his house (I don’t like to call it a cage) and is very comfortable in there.

Your parakeet’s home should be large enough to move around comfortably, with narrow gaps between bars.  They like to fly and climb a lot so they need plenty of space both horizontally and vertically.  It is best to choose a “parakeet cage” with a pull-out bottom drawer, as this allows for easy cleaning and keeps your parakeet away from his droppings.

We have a variety of perches that are conveniently spaced so it is easy for him to move around.  Having different perches are good for their health.  It lets them rest their feet, exercise their foot muscles, and keeps their beak and nails conditioned.  We have a couple long, bigger wooden perches, a couple medium length, skinny woodren perches, and a couple shorter, plastic perches.  Perches need to be placed throughout so that your parakeet can move freely around, and access his food, water, cuttle bone, toys, etc.  Some other ideas for perches are rope, stone, and concrete.  You can also put branches in there, but be sure to stay away from poisonous plants!

Perri also has a ladder, in which he likes to weave in and out of, a treat bar, cuttle bone, food and water (of course), and a couple toys.  Parakeets love toys!  Bells, swings, ladders, mirrors, balls, etc.  Perri’s favorite toys are whiffle balls!  They are plastic, colorful, and have a bell inside.  He likes to shake it and hear the sounds it makes, then throw it down onto the floor, and dive after it.  He also mimics the sound it makes when he skakes it… “chicka chicka chicka!”

6 Responses to “Parakeet Cage – Home Sweet Home”

  1. Ann Venn Says:

    I love how you refer to your parakeet’s birdcage as his “home” not as his cage. I always call the cage their home as well.

  2. Cathey Carney Says:

    I Love it too that you call the cage his home. In my case my 2-year old Tweetie is a parakeet who has not had his wings clipped, and has not come outside the cage. We live in a 1926 home in a historic district and the home is not bird friendly, many bad spots he coud fly into and maybe get hurt. I know he’d probably like to have that freedom, however,so I’m kind of torn. His home a nice size but he just doesn’t get to flap his wings alot, and I know they need exercise. Does anyone have any ideas?

  3. Perri's Mom Says:

    Cathey, you might try bringing him into a smaller area or room, put a sheet over mirrors, drape the windows, etc so he can’t hurt himself. Some stores also carry play gyms for parakeets which lets them get lots of exercise.

  4. Cathey Carney Says:

    I might try that – we have a small interior room with large mirrow and light fixture but I could cover that up. Do you think I should have his wings clipped? I hear pros and cons about that.

  5. Patty Says:

    Could you tell me where you got his “home” from? I have two budgies and want to put them in a larger home too!

  6. Parakeet Says:

    Lovely cage mate! I used to have one similar but it wasn’t as large. I’m sure Perri loves this set up!

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