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Food for Parakeets

carrots, lettuce, seed mixture, millet

carrots, lettuce, seed mixture, millet

Nutrition is a very important part of your budgie’s health. A variety of parakeet food is always good – a healthy parakeet diet should consist of a good seed mixture, pellets, fruit, and veggies.  Perri has been eating a regular seed mixture for a while now and I’m sure he is tired of it.  So today, I cut up some fruits and veggies for him to see what he likes.

I shredded and cut up some carrots, broccoli, lettuce, apple, and grapes.  I put them in a little dish and set it inside his house.  He just looked at it for a little bit but finally came down and tried some.  He liked the broccoli the most!  I think it’s because the buds are kind of like millet.  He didn’t like the lettuce too much, but had a couple bites of carrot.  He also liked both the grape and apple bits.  Remember that foods such as apples or bananas can brown and go bad very fast, so keep an eye on what your parakeet is eating.  You should also add protein to your parakeet’s diet.  Try hard boiled eggs, tuna (packed in water), chunks or shreads of chicken or turkey.

Millet is a great treat for parakeets!  But, you should only feed it to them occasionally, as it is high in fat.  We put a spray of millet in Perri’s house every once in a while and he loves it!  We also have a honey treat bar hooked on the side of his house that he nibbles on often.

Some things to remember: Check the packaging your parakeet’s food comes in and make sure it has not been opened, damaged, or spoiled before you buy it.  After you feed your parakeet, be sure to tightly close the container to keep out bugs, mold, germs, moths.  Also, don’t give your budgie junk food, food with special seasonings, spicy foods,  bruised, rotten, or moldy fruits and veggies, etc.  Be sure to take out all seeds.  Never feed your parakeet grapefruit, lemons, chocolate, avacado, alcohol, caffiene, or any foods with lots of sugar or salt, raw or green potatoes. Also, check to make sure the leafy greens or berries you give your parakeet are not poisionous!

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