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Parakeets and Mirrors

parakeet looking at himself in the mirrorParakeets love mirrors, plain and simple.  It gives them someone to talk to, someone that looks and sounds just like them.  In my honest opinion, I think it is unhealthy for parakeets to have mirrors in their home.  Once you put that mirror in, your budgie will become addicted to it and will never want to do anything else.  Yes, it seems like a nice thing to do- giving your budgie a “friend” but YOU are supposed to be your budgie’s friend.

If you ever want to have any connection with your parakeet, I recommend you do not put a mirror in his/her home.  First, it is kind of wrong to do it because it’s just a reflection and you are teasing your bird into thinking it is a real, living bird who will chirp back.  Second, you want your parakeet to bond with you.  He should want to play with you, talk with you, get on your finger, and be excited to see you.  Also, when parakeets become so obsessed with their mirror, they can become aggressive and territorial, and start biting you.

If you feel your budgie is very lonely, consider getting a second bird – especially if you gone most of the time.  You can also use the mirror as a way to bond more with your bird.  Instead of leaving the mirror in there all day, take it and make your parakeet come to you and then have him step up on your finger to reach it.  Let him play with it for a few minutes then put it away and continue to interact with your parakeet.

I tell you all this from personal experience.  I made the mistake of putting a mirror in Perri’s house and he became obsessed with it.  He would stay on the same perch and talk to himself all day, pecking at the mirror.  He never wanted to play with any of his other toys or with me, he started biting, he never came out and flew around, and he even began to eat less since he was spending so much time at the mirror.  I took the mirror out for an hour at first, then put it back, then took it out for a little longer and a little longer each day until he was comfortable not having it in there at all.

Perri still likes to get to mirrors if he has the opportunity.  As soon as he hears the bathroom door open, he comes flying in to get to the big mirror.  If I don’t close the door, he would stay in there all day!  Now, he isn’t that bad anymore, but will still try and fly in if the door is open for a long period of time.  I have the little mirror that used to be in his house hidden in a little cubbie hole in the bedside table.  Just before I started writing this post, I heard him playing with something and looked over to see what it was and sure enough, I don’t know how, but he found it!  I guess I should find a better hiding place…

16 Responses to “Parakeets and Mirrors”

  1. jj Says:

    Yes, its really very true……I have experienced the same thing with my parakeet. Once he got the mirror he was so obsessed by it that he started biting. I left the mirror for just one day and he completely changed. The very next I removed it and he became normal. Thanks for writing.

  2. brianna Says:

    so ive had a parakeet by himself for about 6ms..he didnt seem to be bonding with me so i just recently put a mirror in, now, for some odd reason, he will come on my finger when i put my hand in the cage, seems less nervous once the mirror went in, BUT, all he does all day and night is sit staring in the mirror..he no longer plays w his toys or makes sounds..i dont even see him eating or drinking that much..the mirror has only been in a few days..i dont want to take it out because it seems thats the only time he comes to me, while standing in the mirror..suggestion? comments? help!

  3. Victor Martinez Says:

    Thanks for writing, we have a new parakeet and are learning how to care for it.

  4. Cathey Carney Says:

    My parakeet Tweetie loves his mirrors. I have probably 4 at one time in his cage, he likes me to swap them around. He pays lots of attention to me and he talks up a storm. I think it just adds to his fun during the day. I have never taken the mirrors out – I could try it one day just to see what happens, but he talks to both me and himself in the mirror and really likes it.

  5. Joanna Says:

    i used have a bird like that but it flew away& i miss him=(

  6. Perri's Mom Says:

    Brianna, that is weird that he is getting on your finger only after you put in the mirror. Maybe it’s because he feels more comfortable- I think maybe they think there is another bird in there with them when they see their reflection. However, it isn’t healthy for him to do nothing but stare in the mirror all day, not exercising or eating/drinking. If there is still a problem, I would suggest taking it out for a few hours and see if he will still get on your finger and interact with you. You can put the mirror back in for a little bit as a reward- this will teach him it’s a good thing to bond with you. Good luck!

  7. Perri's Mom Says:

    Joanna, I’m sorry your bird flew away. :( Have you thought about getting another one?

  8. Perri's Mom Says:

    That’s great, Victor! Parakeets are such good pets. I hope you find a lot of useful information from this site.

  9. sam Says:

    i am going to take my mirror out maybe he will start chirping

  10. erin Says:

    My parakeet was very tame when i first got him but my two yr old got a hold of him and squeezed him so he started biting after that. I put a mirror in his cage he only bites when in his cage otherwise hes weet and will come right to me and hasnt had any eating problems since the mirror and plays w his toys all the time…… hes rather smart and sometimes i think hes trying to clean me because he gives a light nibble not like the hard bite when hes in the cage

  11. Flea's Mom Says:

    I just got a parakeet and a mirror for a toy I noticed that he does sit in front of it a lot but he still eats and drinks as needed. He’s still a little shy with people and i just removed his mirror to see how he will react. I hope he comes to love me like Perri loves you :~D

  12. Flea's Mom Says:

    well its been an hour or so and he’s eatting more and moving about the cage

  13. Tim Says:

    I have had 2 parakeets for one year together. they seem to have really bonded. I just put a mirror in their cage a few minutes ago. Noe they seem to be very curious. Reading about parakeets and mirrors seems to have two different opinions. some say it is a good idea and others not.
    I really love these guys and want the best for them.

    What do you think about this idea of mine?

  14. Norma Jean Williams Says:

    In our situation, putting a little mirror in our crippled parakeets home was a real answer to her loneliness. She is in love with it and is no longer sad. I should have done it sooner.

  15. Rowow Says:

    Wow I did not knew, good thing I did not put in a mirror for my budgie!!!

  16. Artista Says:

    Ive had Eddy for approx 10 months now. Unfortunately He was already a young adult at purchase time. We have tried to bond with him in many different ways with no real improvement. I did put a couple of mirrors in his home some time ago. Yes, he is addicted to them now.Very active talking to himself and playing with the mirrors. Prior to that he would just sit there looking at us and back off if we came close. He and i do whistle together -there is some interaction in that regard. After reading up on the mirror topic(here and at other sites) Im wondering if it is too late now for me to remove the mirrors and hopefully expect any bonding.

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