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Parakeets and Sounds

Parakeets are very social animals and are used to living in lively flocks.  If you are gone most of the day, your budgie might start to feel pretty lonely with no one to talk to.  Leave the radio on, put a CD on repeat, leave the TV on low.  These are just some ideas to make your parakeet feel happy and entertained.

My parakeet, Perri, tends to like upbeat, faster music.  He gets really excited and comes out of his house, flies around the room, and bobs his head up and down.  He likes to sing along with any music I play, but his favorite is Coheed and Cambria.. he’s really into them!  When you first get a parakeet, it is good to play softer music, as this helps them transition into their new environment.  Sometimes when Perri takes a nap, I like to play calmer, quiet music so he can relax. He softly sings to himself with his head tucked in his feathers.  It’s so cute!

Budgies also like to hear the TV.  Some, like mine, even like to watch it!  Perri comes out into the living room sometimes while we are watching a TV show or movie and talks along with it.  He likes to sit on top of the TV and look down at the screen, then he goes over to the speakers to try and find out where the sound is coming from.

Talk to your budgie.  They love to talk and are quite smart.  You can actually teach your parakeet to talk, but we’ll leave that discussion for another day.  They can become familiar with certain words or sounds and will start to mimic.  For instance, Perri loves to play with his whiffle balls and when he shakes them up and down they make a “chicka chicka chicka” sound.  Now, when he is excited or happy, he will make that sound.  That is also his way of telling me he wants to play.  It’s also a good idea to teach your parakeet to associate certain words with certain routines.  Bid good morning to your parakeet after you take the cover off his cage.  When it’s bedtime, say goodnight, and he will eventually expect his cage to be covered, the lights turned out, and know that it is quiet time.

Remember to be cautious.. loud, abrupt sounds can really scare your parakeet and might even ruin their hearing.  Never yell at or loudly scold your budgie.  More loud sounds may also be harming such as clapping, close fireworks, gunshots, loud yells or screams, slamming doors, banging pots and pans, etc.

6 Responses to “Parakeets and Sounds”

  1. Noah Delcambre Says:

    Hello thanks i were just seeking info on my sick budgerigar poor thing.

  2. Shirley Bollinger Says:

    Noah, I am sorry to hear your bird is sick, hope you can get your bird seen soon. If you have other parakeets or birds remove the sick one and place it in a different cage if you have one. Till you can have it seen. Don’t wait to long.

    I hope your bird gets well soon.


  3. Cathey Carney Says:

    About parakeets and sounds, my Tweetie just LOVES country music. I have tried different types of music with him and that is his favorite. I turn it up really loud and he sings at the top of his lungs – he is so cute. In fact when we were watching American Idol recently the country guy Scotty came on to sing and Tweetie was chirping up a storm. So Scotty is Tweetie’s favorite.

  4. Flea's Mom Says:

    that’s cute I will have to find out my Flea’s favorite music soon sounds like a blast

  5. Tim Says:

    I have 2 parakeets and love them much. Normally they are quiet and will answer my whistle. Amazingly they always scream at the television ONLY when People’s Court comes on every day! Does anyone have anything similar?

  6. Artista Says:

    I go to a site – freesounds (dot) org .
    It is a very cool and wonderful site to search for ANY sound needed for your bird (or for any reason).
    You can set the sound(s) chosen on a continual loop too.
    Eddy loves it when i play it.

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